David Young-wolff

Light, the real language of photography, reveals the the story and path of David Young-Wolff. As a youngster he would spend time noticing the way light would sashay between leaves, around mountains, sneak over and under any object in its way, and finally, he could not resist following it travel over skin, lash, arm, and silk.

During nearly 40 years as a pro, he became one of the top producers of stock photography. He has now moved on to creating evocative images for his clients and working on his personal photography projects. David has created a niche for himself shooting yoga, yoga fashion, fashion photography, and creative portraiture.


These are so precious and beautiful. Thank you so much. You are a gift to all of us. I am beyond grateful for your contribution, your beautiful "eye" and talent. Sangeeta K.

Love love love!!! So fantastic. They look awesome! Stepen G.

WOW, Thank you so much David!!! These are So very beautiful. Mai. B.

They are beautiful!!! Wowzers. Maggie H.

I LOVE THE WAY THE SHOOT TURNED OUT!!!!! YOU ARE OMazing!!!!! Seriously, so excited!!!!!!!! Lisa F.

You are a rock star!!! I'm giddy! There are so many good ones to choose from! I've never had the problem with people in the past!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYYYYY!!!!!!